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Besides the traditional Tuscan farm products, we offer a choice of products that come from a further processing of our own raw materials (olives and grapes). Furthermore, our farm has introduced again the cultivation of saffron, which was produced in San Gimignano since medieval times, and a family kitchen garden where products are grown according to organic methods. Our guests are offered the possibility of tasting fresh fruits and vegetables picked from the plant and consumed immediately.

• Saffron
The Cesani Family have been producing saffron since 1999, when the cultivation of this ancient spice has flourished again, bringing back an ancient tradition that dated back to Medieval times. Saffron is obtained from the cultivation of Crocus Sativus bulbs, which in November develop delicate purple flowers. Each flower bear three stigmas, that are picked and dried up on the embers. Harvests are a careful, meticulous task to be performed every day at dawn, in the first cold days of November, when the purple blossoms contrast perfectly with the autumn colours of the surrounding countryside. Saffron is a rare and precious spice which enrich the traditional local dishes.

• Grappa
Grappa is an alcoholic beverage which is made by distilling the marc left over from winemaking after pressing the grapes. As the estate produces white and red grapes, we have at our disposal two different marcs to produce two different types of grappa: sweet marc from Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes, from which we make an aromatic, intense grappa with a strong taste: fermented marc of red grapes from which we make our Grappa di Chianti, with a delicate nose and a creamy palate.

• Wine Jelly
Our wine jellies are a different way to taste our wine. Wine jellies are made from Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Colli Senesi, and they are perfect foil with soft or rape cheese.

• Olive Oil and Grape Cosmetics
Thanks to its female touch, this dynamic concern has enhanced an innovative and curious branch in the estate activities: cosmetics.
Besides fine-quality traditional products, we offer a full cosmetic line for women's and men's face and body care. Our cosmetic products are made using our organic grapes and our olive oil as active principles. In our philosophy the products of our land – in this case grape and oil – are the key elements to be enhanced to appreciate again the cosmetic and pharmacological properties of the fruits of nature.